lunes, 4 de marzo de 2019


Hi P.Eople! Today I leave you a website where you can play this fun game...Enjoy!!

martes, 12 de febrero de 2019


Hi P.Eople!Long time no see you!🙋
During february our CEIP COSTABLANCA students are working on Acrosport, and they are engaged with interesting and fun activities that we are carrying out.
First of all we are going to use tablets so they can picture their figures and pyramids and create a collage or composition afterwards.
Apart from that, after practising different kind of figures, and playing balance games and cooperative challenges, oldest students are going to create choreographies in which they are going to combine music, gymnastic habilities, and acrosport.
Here you can see some examples about the kind of work that they are going to develop.
I hope you like them!🎪🎭🎭🎭🎭🎬

sábado, 19 de enero de 2019


Hi P.Eople!
Next week we are starting to work on basic physical capacities again with our 5th and 6th grade students again. In this ocassion we will do it through a new and fascinating sport called Crossfitness. Obviously we will adapt this sport, which is engaging people from all over the world, to our student's age.
In the following PPT you will find information enough to know and understand this amazing sport.
I hope you like it!💪🏃

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2018


Hi P.Eople!!🏃
Today I want to show you how do our P.E lessons work. We use an interesting Classroom Management system in order to foster students autonomy and responsibility. 
1st and 2nd grade students have an sticker chart. If they follow the rules and behave properly during the lesson they get an sticker. They can also receive an extra sticker if they behave Super Well 👍
When the sticker chart is full of stickers, students win a Free Time day, something that they really love.🎉

We change the sticker chart once the didactic unit is finished. It's super fun!

Apart from this chart, we have another poster in which we write down different aspects about the daily lessons.
A: Student Abstent.
B: No toilet bag.
R: No proper clothes 
I: Student Injured.
Red Point (If the student missbehaves seriously)Think about your attitude and choices.
Yellow Point (If the student shows some negative attitudes, but no too important)
Green Point (If the student behaves nicely and follow the rules).
Students with more green points will gain different awards, like choosing games, responsibilities, partner, etc.

As we can see in the picture, 4th grade students tend to behave really well. Congrats!🎊

Students have a peg with their names written, and each group has a Pegs poster in which their pegs are hung. These posters are divided into three colours: Green, yellow and red. And  students are hung in the proper colour, according to their last lesson behaviour. 

As you can see in the photo, 1st grade tend to show really good manners everyday!I consider myself very lucky for having these students!💕

As I said before, if students collect green points, they can choose responsibilities. Because all of us take part in the correct development of the P.E lessons.

In this wall we hang the different responsibility posters. 

1. Material Helpers : These students help me to take out the material, to take it to the material cupboard again when the lesson is finished, and to keep this room tidy. They are very helpful! 

2. Toilet Watch: One boy and one girl watch that no one in the toilet play, or shout. They try to hurry up their classmates if its needed. Moreover, they take the toilet bags basket to the classroom.

3. LINE LEADERS: Two students walk at the beginning and at the end of the line, watching that noboody play, run or shout through the halls. 

4. LIST HELPERS: One or two students will help to write down in the poster everything that I have explained before.

It's very important to take into account that to be a helper the student must be always in GREEN. Otherwise the student loses his responsibility this day.

Summing up, in our P.E lessons all of us take part, and all of us are important.

Do you have more ideas about classroom management?Don't doubt and comment!
Bye bye P.Eople!!


Teaching games for understanding is a kind of methodology that P.E teachers at Costablanca school we usually use in our daily lessons. Through  this approach we try  to teach sports by playing more than working on technical aspects so the student learn sports tactical elements first and improve their sport skills and techniques having fun.
Here you have a video in which this kind of methodology is explained.

Bye bye P.Eople!!

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2018


Hi P.Eople!
During October our 4th grade students have been taking part in a fun and interesting activity...


The Olympics is a gamification project in which students compete and cooperate to get medals for their teams. By this way they learn things about athletics, the olympic games event, and much more.
Apart from playing different games in which their basic physical capacities were involved, the have passed 6 easy and simple tests in which they had to show their level of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility and coordination. 

As we can see in the picture, each student was a member of a different national team. Ten countries / teams formed by 5 people maximum took part in the competition. To participate they had to sign on an Olympic fair play code. 

After each test, the best 5th results were showed in the podium. We had two categories, boys and girls, so each country could have more oportunities to get more medals.  The medals system increase students motivation.

In the leaderboard we can see the amount of medals that each country was winning.

The different tests that they did are the following ones:

1. Speed Test: The student must run 40 meters as fast as possible.

2. Jump test: With both feet togheter, students must jump as farthest as possible. They must land without moving their feet or touching the floor with their hands. With this test we can evaluate students lower body strength.

3. Shot put test: Students have to throw a ball from an overhead position as farthest as possible. They can't move their feet, and we can measure their upper body strength.

4. Flexibility: Using a swedish bench, the student must try to touche the farthest point without bending his knees.

5. Skipping rope test: During 30 seconds the student must jump forward as many times as possible. With this test we can evaluate students coordination, stamina, and agility.

6. Relay race test. And finally, students must cooperate and compete against the clock in a relay race around the handball court. The buton can't drop off and students must receive it in the relay zone marked by cones.

Students enjoy with this gamification project diás , and next year I will implement new aspects like the records Hall of fame, or giving them paper medals as a reward in the tests.
Do you hace more ideas that can be useful to develop this project?Write your comment!!
See you P.Eople!!

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018


Hi everybody!
After working on Physical Condition and Basic Physical capacities, our students form 5th grade are already learning and practising a new and fun sport called Handball.
In order to do so P.E teachers at Costablanca school, we usually use the TGFU approach(Teaching games for understanding).
Here you have a power point in which you can review the basic rules, vocabulary and much more about handball.
It will be useful for you to take a look.

Here you have a video in which you can find important information about how to play.
Bye bye  P.Eople!!

jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2018


Hello everybody!!
During October our little students from 1st and 2nd grade have been working on their body self awareness. In order to do so we have used CLIL methodology. Our pupils have learnt the body parts and how to use them by playing and having fun. 
At the same time we have been reinforcing contents that they were already learning in Social Science in an active and healthy way. Apart from that we have been fostering language skills like reading or listening. Is it not the best way to learn?
I will show you different activities that we did. I hope you like them!

First of all, we started remembering, singing and dancing the "Head, shoulders knees and toes" song. They love it!

After singing and dancing we played fun games like "Back to back, face to face" in which they had to join different body parts with their partners...Their favourite moment is when I say:"Bottom to bottomm"😂

Another typical game that we usually do is "Draw your body". They love to draw their own figure with chalk on  the ground!

As we can see, after drawing their silhouettes they have to write the different body parts name. In the next picture we can see an example that I usually draw in which they can check the vocabulary if it's needed.

Moreover  we have played many relay races in which they reviewed vocabulary about the body while running.
In the next photo they had to make their silhouettes again, but in this case cooperatively with ropes. After doing this, one player of each team had to run, pick up a label and place it in its right place. Here it is the final result.



In the following one we had two big figures in which they had to stick labels after picking them up from the floor. It was super fun.

And last but not least...The body bingo race!A fun relay race in which they had to pick up a body part flashcard, and stick it in its proper place. First team in finishing the race is the winner!!

 Flashcards ready...

 Students steady...




 And go back to pass the baton!

This is an example of the activities that we usually do to contribute to the development of their body knowledge. During the cool down part of the lessons, we played memories with flashcards, we played the sculptors game, or writting and guessing letters and numbers in their backs.
Summing up, we have enjoyed a lot learning about our body.
Do you have any idea about other games or activities we can do?Don`t doubt and comment!
See you soon and enjoy!!

domingo, 28 de octubre de 2018


Hi P.Eople again!
During October, our smaller CEIP COSTABLANCA students have been working on their body knowledge.
I want to collect and show you some interesting websites where they can continue practising and reinforcing what we have been working at the gym and playground.
Because nowadays Information and communication new technologies are very important even talking about physical education. 🏃🏀🎾🏉🏊🏆
Hope you like them!
See you soon P.Eople!







domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2018

Happy new course!!

Hello everybody!
September again and we start a new course, with new goals, timetables, teachers, subjects, some new classmates...but with the same happiness and emotion!!
As you know, PHYSICAL EDUCATION (not "Gimnasia" 😜😜😜😜) is maybe the funniest subject at school. However, if we want to enjoy and learn having fun, it´s very important to follow some important rules in  which all of us agree, isn't it?
Here you are these few basic rules...
Would you like to suggest or add another one?